Tuesday, April 26, 2016

There are some human actions I just don’t get when I think about them too often, like hand shakes or applause. Hand shakes, in my mind, are just another way of saying “hello, nice to meet you, here is proof I am not planning on stabbing you tonight.”

Do we all realize that applause is just us touching two body parts together in quick succession to make a noise and that is how we congratulate other humans? Do we all realize that? We’re savages, man. I’m going to go cry for 15 years because today is the day that I realized I honestly understand dogs more than humans and it’s not a big ha-ha funny joke like I previously thought.

Last night I made a new friend and hugged her because the thought of having to touch hands seemed inappropriate. It was a good hug, our hug was a good fit, and I realized how seldom I hug people. I don't know why I wanted to hug her, but I did.