Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Sitting at work while El Nino donkey punches my office windows. First week back has been relatively chill despite the crazy intestinal warzone I'm the sad owner of but I have Apple Music and lemonade.

I have really sharp pains in my stomach, you guys. They are making me want to go home and be mad about it, but yo! Do you ever get really excited about how amazing our bodies are? We work so well! We convert matter into energy! Doesn’t that sound so hard? It does, because it is, and we’ve been doing it since we were embryos. And then the stuff we don’t need, we expel from our bodies. That’s insane! Good job, intestines! Efficiency is key.

Our skin alone. Jeeze Louise. Thank god for our skin. Look at yourself! Thank your skin! It’s helping our organs stay in there.

Our eyeballs have eye sockets! Our ear holes have built in amplifiers! Our eyes have lashes! That’s nuts to me. It really is.