Monday, January 18, 2016

In case y'all were questioning my status as saddest girl on earth, this is my damn view for today

I don't get another weekday off until March and this is how the universe treats me.

I went to the grocery store twice today. The second time was because I forgot to buy fire roasted tomatoes for the soup I'm making for dinner. I went back through the same checkout because sometimes I can't bring myself to do a self-check out and the lady made some off-hand comment about how it was good to see me again.

I then proceeded to talk for 2 minutes or so. Which doesn’t sound long, but when you’re a check out girl just trying to do check out girly things and some slightly nervous-sweaty girl is standing in front of you alternating between breath-laughing with eye rolls and getting nervous eyes and saying “ugh, UGH. ugh.” a lot, it really is. It really, really is.

Soup and xanax for dinner. Unicorns and soul rainbows for days.