ohh na na.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Taking breaks every half hour of writing is not working out too well for me. Why. Why everything. Why the world? What are words?

The essays I'm writing aren’t even particularly serious right now, but I'm badgering myself to get them done this week. Normally I'm extra punny when I've had a lot of coffee, but today I think my barista gave me hot milk or something. Or it’s my complete inability to deal with any sort of stress. I feel like the world is throwing up on me. I think? I don’t know.

Anyway, there’s this one part in the What’s My Name video where Rihanna wiggles her best spirit fingers, and then sort of points dorkily and I paused the video and I thought, “there it is, the only dance move Rihanna and I have in common.”

Anyway, going to try to stay off the Internet all week (shyea right). Either that or I’m going to kill myself. I guess you guys won’t know until Friday.

(I just want to turn this blog into a murder-mystery blog.)

Ohh na na.