I am truly AMAZED at the response we received on my last article. A lot of you have been reading this blog for years, and have seen me through some of my worst moments. A few of you even were around during my teenage LiveJournal days. This was by far the most nerve-wracking thing I posted because, even still, admitting that I still suffer from depression is so embarrassing... and shouldn't be.

I've counseled friends privately about never being embarrassed by what life throws your way or how it makes you feel. But I never practiced what I preached, because I'm a stubborn lunatic and admitting flaws somehow makes me feel out of control.

But yeah, guys! Depressed my whole life! Fuck it!

My Internet boss Zooey posted my article to her Facebook page and the comments are insightful, candid, and genuinely kind... which is something very rare online these days. People reached out to me directly on Instagram and through the Hello Giggles Facebook page as well. I said it in the article, and I'll say it again: being open about what I've experienced is empowering. Knowing that our brains work in such detrimental ways truly baffles me. And my therapist has opened my eyes to how I can actively live through all of this, instead of just pretending it isn't there.

And this is ME saying that it can help. ME! The person who denounces everything as bullshit because most of it is! Just reach out for help. Even random strangers on the Internet have been tremendously helpful. Email ME if you want, I don't care! I'll talk to you weirdos all day if I can!

Anyway. Just wanted to say thanks. Don't be embarrassed about your brain.