Damn, you're a much better person than I am because you’re being positive about it! I know it’s hard, I've been there so many times, but it’s well worth the struggle.

So, I basically spent my teenage/early-mid 20s years dating these awful losers who treated me with zero respect and had no personalities. It was just how I thought dating went. The relationships I've had with men were absolutely terrible 85% of the time, but all of my married friends told me that they basically all hated their spouses and that's just how it was, so I didn’t ever have a good model to look up to and thought suffering most of the time was part of the deal.

In hindsight, all of my friends married the wrong people. Relationships should not be that tumultuous all of the god damn time. It shouldn't be a constant struggle and I wish I had learned that sooner.

Anyway. In January of 2005, I dragged my recently-single ass to the first day of Spring semester in college. I was wearing my mom's oversized purple sweatshirt, my hair was dyed black, and I had eyeliner stains on my cheeks because I gave 0 fucks and was going through my first breakup. I was devastated beyond belief, and depressed because of everything else going on in my personal life at the time. I walked across the quad to the art department where my class was, and then, I saw Brad.

Brad was a dick to me. He didn’t give me the time of day and I was like, "He’s cute but fuck that guy." Turned out, he had just gotten out of his first relationship too so he was like NAH THNX. He's also naturally very shy and quiet, didn't know anybody on campus, and didn't want to be there -- and I interpreted that as he didn't want to be my friend. We became friends on MySpace that first week and he sent me a few messages where we decided to actually hang out in class. I cracked him open and saw that he wasn't a dick, just a shy brokenhearted baby, and long story short, we were never apart after that.

For almost 11 years now.

We casually dated off and on in college. We were each other's go-to person. Our relationship has been based around going to movies and out to eat and laughing a lot. I was desperately, desperately in love with him the entire time, though, and I forced myself to move on from him several times. We don't really have an anniversary. We never even had a "define the relationship" talk and we aren't Facebook official. He referred to me as his girlfriend at my friend's engagement party one weekend that I flew into LA for while I was still living in Nashville. We moved into our apartment together on the 10th anniversary of meeting each other, which was sweet and symbolic and fun.

He’s the best friend, the best boyfriend, and the best Brad I could ever have.

Everyone said I was crazy to wait for him for so long, and maybe I was, but sorry, it’s working out.