I re-downloaded Snapchat at the request of my teenage assistant, after explaining to her that I deleted it because one of my friends only took selfies and my other friend sent me really funny things but also added those things to her "story"(?) so I always had to see things twice.

I already hate it because I have a message from Snapchat from over a year ago that won't load OR clear, the interface confuses me which makes me feel old and stupid, and my dumb shit assistant WON'T SEND ME FUNNY THINGS OR RESPOND TO THE FUNNY THINGS I SEND HER so basically, you fucks, my username is buckery and I will not respond to you until you explain it to me better.

Isn't it just for dick pics, man? Don't you know Glide is so much better for that stuff? Or even, like... the chatting on Words with Friends?

Everyone is stupid.