Dear Planned Parenthood,

Thanks for being there for me when I was unemployed, uninsured, and in desperate need of hormonal medication to help treat my severe PMDD and chronic depression. You provided me respectful health care, did not make me feel crazy, and helped coach me when I was 18 and feeling very suicidal. Because of your health centers, I was able to move forward with my mental health and find a better balance -- it also cleared up my acne, which was a great perk.

Anyway, I'm sorry so many dumb fucks think you're baby murderers. You definitely save more lives than all of the pre-human cells you safely and non-judgmentally take away combined. I'm also sorry that some people don't understand that half of the "pro-choice" stance is choosing to not terminate an unwanted pregnancy. That's the funny thing, you know? Choosing your own adventure! Anyway, I hope that one day we live in a world where people aren't so fucking dumb.

You're the best and I will always stand up for you the way you have stood up for me.