Well, since throwing away what I deemed to be my "bad luck" rings (literally -- I got some brass rings last year and every time I wore them, something bad would happen. Couldn't remember where I put them, but then found them in the inside door handle of my car. I wrapped them in a paper towel and THREW THEM IN THE TRASH) my luck has certainly turned around.

My articles for HelloGiggles have been approved, I've locked in an Instagram sponsorship deal with a sunglasses company that I really love, and my period cramps are gone. Plus, I just found out I'm getting reimbursed for some work-related travel I did last month and it's way more than I thought I would get.

Things are really good. I must have cancer!


EDIT: I will be using a pen name for all of my articles, because I fear the Internet, murderers, and future employers. Also this particular article was heavily edited to fit a specific niche reader, which can be good and bad.