endings and beginnings

Thursday, July 23, 2015

I think that I am finally ready to talk about everything that has come up in this last incredibly life-changing month.

First of all, I try not to dig too deeply into my family life because they value their privacy and, surprisingly, so do I. But my dad has been a radio anchor since the 70s. He started off doing rock & roll radio in Chicago as one of the most popular DJs around. To put this in simpler words, he's kind of the original Ryan Seacrest. After dominating that scene in Chicago, he got hired at a major station in San Francisco and continued on there (SF in the 70s, you guys!), until later being hired by CBS to do the news out here in L.A.

He's been L.A.'s most popular news anchor since 1982. He has covered everything - elections, breaking news, major events. To put his career in perspective, know that he has done this since long before I was around. Due to his strange reporting hours, he was in bed every night by 7:00 and up at 2:00 in the morning. My dad never took us to school, and frequently had to miss school programs and events to break the news to California. He followed his dream and killed it. It's quite literally unheard of anymore.

If you're a SoCal person, you know who he is. He was given the opportunity to retire early at the very last minute; we found out less than 5 weeks ago. Yesterday was his last day on the air with CBS and we've all been so emotional about it. His career is so inspiring, and seeing the entire news room standing, applauding, crying with us all really made his final sign-off special.


Minutes before turning the mic off for the last time, I received an email from my editor, asking that I become a regular contributor over at HelloGiggles. I still haven't processed this yet because I am reeling from the emotions of yesterday, but I filled out my tax forms and now have to hit the ground running with relevant content at a moment's notice. This is, of course, on top of my regular day job. (BY THE WAY, if any of you have any topics you'd like discussed on that platform, send them my way.)

Meanwhile, I'm collaborating with a popular accessories line and will have more info to post on that in the next week. This also requires a lot of my attention and... I'm reaching the end of my threshold here. I am experiencing just about every emotion all at once.

I am so grateful for how things have panned out. Looking back on disappointments and failures, I am stunned to see how things can develop if you just trust that certain things weren't meant to be. I am clutching to this moment, because time doesn't stop and who knows what'll happen next month. Please stick with me through this, because time management is not the easiest for me right now. So far today I have budgeted a few minutes to cry, and a few minutes to chug coffee; currently awaiting the caffeine-induced panic to set in.

I want to go to sleep. And it's only Thursday.