Left work early Friday so that Brad and I could be white people and go to Home Depot to furnish our patio, finally. We picked up a small table and two chairs, some hanging plants, and a god damn lemon tree. Also got a new patio rug. Still have a long way to go on finishing things up, though. Why does furnishing a house take so damn long? And so much money? Where is all my money?

On Saturday my parents came out to visit. My mom has only seen my place once, right after we moved in (over 6 months ago!) and my dad has been maybe three times total. We had plans to take them to one of our favorite fish houses for lunch, but once I mentioned Amigo's as being a dark, dirty bar with decent Mexican food, my dad perked up and decided that we'd go there instead.

Ventura was hot this weekend. We rarely see temperatures over 73 degrees, and I think we hit 82. After my parents went back home, Brad and I spent some time on our patio overlooking our neighbor ladies who like to drink wine and hula-hoop under the big avocado tree. Pretty soon we were putting on our swim suits and heading for the shore. We laid on the sand and fried our skin for a few hours until it was time to get pizza and watch movies.

I couldn't envision a more perfect Saturday. I can't believe this is my life now.