Tuesday, June 16, 2015

So much has been going on for me personally and I've fallen behind with updating and that stresses me out so let me try and make this simple:

1. Avery, one of the two kids I nannied for back in 2010/2011, graduated from elementary school last week. It's really, really, REALLY hard to believe that she is going to Junior High in a few months. She was 6 years old when I met her.

I was gloriously inappropriate by bringing my tea in a Hooters mug.


2. My work threw us all a big BBQ bash in a barn. It's the same location where a lot of mind-numbingly Pinteresty weddings take place, and I was pissed because I hate BBQ because it's literally sugar-coated meat. The only vegetarian options were cole slaw and baked beans, and I can't actually be sure that the beans were vegetarian. But my coworkers are really fun and I convinced them to ditch socializing and explore the grounds with me instead. I'm a bad influence and I hope I never meet any of you... for your sake.

3. Brad and I love a food situation and one of the chefs from some Food Network show opened a second location of his Italian bakery in Moorpark, down the street from where Brad used to live. I found out about this place because my boss treated us all to a spa day last week, and afterwards we decided to get gelato. I grabbed a menu for Brad to look over and we both made a suicide pact if we didn't eat there the following weekend. We got lattes and fritelles and caprese sandwiches and salmon pasta.

4. In between Target runs for house bullshit (because I am still putting our house together; don't look at me like that, home things are expensive and I refuse to buy bullshit that I hate -- it has taken me six months to decide which FRENCH PRESS I wanted, this is not a drill) we stopped at our local farm to pick our produce. I'm planning on putting together some type of blueberry pie from scratch because I can't go longer than a week or two without completely exhausting myself creatively.

We got a pound of strawberries and like, a giant bucket of blueberries. I also took a portrait with a sunflower.