get some.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The actual article itself is boring and cliche, and clearly scripted by women, but yo chickadees: THIS IS TRUE.

Brief romantic history:
  •  I had been eyeing my first boyfriend Aaron for months. Like, months. I told his friend to tell him that I thought he was hot shit. I played a show that weekend at a rival high school's talent show and he showed up, AND did some backline tech work for me, completely unprompted, when my amp decided to throw a hissy fit right before our last song. I was playing in a band with people I didn't really know and he got on stage, fixed the issue, then drove me home afterwards. I told him he should ask me out. We dated for a year.
  • Immediately after first seeing Brad, I looked him up on MySpace and sent him a friend request. He had approved it within minutes and responded to one of my "bulletins" asking someone from my art class to give me a ride into town for supplies. He offered. After our next class, I asked for his number. And a few months later, I texted him, telling him to meet me at Barnes & Noble in Westlake, where I asked him out. He agreed.
  • I fell for this guy in college who was working with a popular record producer in the area where I was living. We technically met online but had mutual friends. I told him to come over and spend the weekend with me. He did, and it was fun, but he wouldn't kiss me. So as he left, I kissed him. We kinda dated for a few months and ultimately he wasn't the guy for me (he's a Gemini, enough said) but it was fun while it lasted and it wouldn't have begun at all had it not been for my insistence.
So yeah, ladies. Get some.