two years of dairy-related gastrointestinal bliss

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I moved back to California over Memorial Day weekend in 2013. For weeks, Brad had been asking me to go on his family trip to his grandmother's beach condo in Oceanside. "We can walk down the pier and get milkshakes!"
I spent my first Memorial Day back in California sharing an Oreo milkshake with him, overlooking the water.

Last year, we went back to the same pier, to the same restaurant, and got a salted caramel shake.

Yesterday, we went up to Santa Barbara to eat at a beach front cafe. My only holiday requirement was that we get a milkshake together. So we did.

I fucking love this stupid tradition and I don't even consume dairy.

Being with you is a daydream, Braddles. You saved my ass by reminding me who I am. That's pretty nice.

I can always count on you to get the giant Sapporo's and have to pull over to pee on the way home.