Thursday, May 21, 2015

Yes and no.

I actually never got my full chart done, I went to see a psychic medium. Getting my chart done is something I hope to do this year sometime... but I say you should take everything from palm reading to horoscopes and even organized religion for what it is: something to make living on the planet Earth slightly more bearable.

I use horoscopes less to control my future and more to accept my past. For years I read Susan Miller, and then I started to feel like she was consistently incorrect. It was like we fell out of sync. That, or my life settled down and I stopped having a reason to read. Not long after, I discovered my boyfriend's mom had a really great hookup to a medium in the LA area, who I went to see last year, and I plan on checking back with her regularly-ish.

While most people read their horoscopes for the week coming up, I like to read my horoscope for the previous week or month. I use them as a tool to make self-forgiveness a little bit easier. I can let go of the fact that a job or a relationship or friendship or haircut didn’t work out because it wasn’t written in my stars; but anticipating that any one of those things is about to crumble doesn’t feel healthy to me. A horoscope shouldn’t affect your preparedness either way, you know?

My experience with psychics has been abnormal, I would say. People who claim to have psychic powers lose their shit over me and I think that’s because they can tell I’m soft and a sucker for hope. I stay away from them for the same reason I stay away from heroin. Palm reading and tarot, though… that feels a little different. That seems to have a handbook to go along with it (kinda like religion), so I buy it (once again) at face value.

They’re coping mechanisms. Nothing wrong with it. Whatever it means to you, ya know?