growing as a writer and human

Monday, April 27, 2015

The interesting part about deciding whether or not to use a pen name for my articles is that, since my blog might be linked to those articles, I can truly no longer even consider talking unforgiving shit about the people I went to high school with.

Because that is just so tacky, and rude, and petty. And the truth is, I’m above it. I can’t be bothered to go that low. I made some great friends while I was there, but let’s be real: most of the kids I went to high school with were just terrible people. Terrible people! But I can’t care.

I don’t know, the whole point of this story is how I want to tell you how much I hate this one person and how someone else said he was “really big in the NY music scene,” and how I loathed his success until I Googled him and found essentially nothing, which we all know means he’s not “really big” in any scene.

I wish I could say his non-success didn’t give me so much pleasure. A total horn-tooting loser. But it’s also imperative to remember that any success I have in life shouldn’t be viewed as a symbolic giant middle finger to the people who were mean in high school. Even if he called me a whore everyday for at least two years of it. Because he has to live his life as himself, which is punishment enough. I've already won.