I had a comically horrible doctor visit yesterday. It was my very first doctor visit having now obtained fancy health insurance, which is something I always assumed was a myth. It was confirmed that I have a really embarrassing condition that I kind of always knew I had, and as soon as I'm done with my physical therapy I'm going to write an article about it and it will be posted on a very popular website and you guys can all laugh at me.

Because if I have to go through this, I might as well let everyone laugh at me because I hate myself and want to die.

All I know is that we have to laugh, man. We have to laugh. We need to grab our monsters by their balls and cackle in their faces. Whether it’s your own personal demon, or a looming societal ogre, we need to prove that it can’t get us down. It can’t get the best of us.

I know not everyone thinks that way, and that’s fine. I just wonder how they get through their trials. I wonder how they can stand with both their feet planted on the ground and not find humor in misogynistic assholes, ignorant racists, and cancer. Because those things will always be here. We’re never going to live in a world without some sort of societal struggle. We’re never going to live in a world without debilitating disease.

So we might as well laugh.

We might as well crack jokes and hope the right people understand where we’re coming from. And I think most of them do. I think most people want to laugh at the things that make them sad or scared or angry. I hope they do, anyway.