Bluh. Gufffffr. Mehhhggg.

I am the most anti-time change person on Earth, and even though I have the very unpopular opinion of liking Daylight Saving more than the other atrocious one where it gets dark at 4:30 PM, I can't deal with this.

I changed purses over the weekend and today when I got to work at 7:15 (The Artist Formerly Known As 6:15) I realized I didn't put my office key in my new purse. I also didn't put my phone charger in my purse, like an idiot with 22% charge, which has to last me until 8 PM because I am driving to my hometown this afternoon for a dentist appointment.

So I sat outside until our office doors unlocked at 8:00 AM. It's a security thing. My ID card lets me punch in a code to get in before 8:00, but I couldn't do that. So I sat. I couldn't play Candy Crush because my phone battery is dying. So I sat. And stared. And ate part of my lunch. And drank my tea.

Once inside, I sat at my assistant's desk. Logged myself in. Checked my email. A few coworkers walked in and we all bitched and moaned about the time change, and it's Monday, and all those other beige things coworkers talk about.

And in the most infuriating a-ha moment of the week, I remembered that on Friday I purposely left my office keys in my glove box so that I wouldn't have to worry about moving them to my new purse.

So I got my keys and now I'm killing myself.

Happy Monday, you pieces of shit.