This is so sad that it made me laugh.

There was once a brand new shipment of puppies being delivered to a pet store at the Opry Mills Mall in Nashville. A puppy mill store full of puppies... cocker spaniel puppies, english bulldog puppies, puggles, labradoodles, chihuahuas, and probably like 6 baby huskies. I would guess based on nothing.

Nashville then suffered one of the worst floods in its history. The store manager fled the scene without getting any of the puppies out and all of the puppies, locked in their pet store cages, drowned. When my ex boyfriend ruined my life by telling me this story, I couldn't stop laughing. I laughed and laughed and laughed because that is how you deal with tragedy like all of the puppies drowning to death or learning about the oldest case of child abuse in the history of the world thus far.