Thursday, January 22, 2015



Well, we're all moved in. We signed our lease last Friday (almost a week ago!) and immediately drove our rug over. We bought a rug on Black Friday. I have been looking forward to putting a rug down since November. We have brand new all hardwood floors so there are no BUGS or FOOT GERMS hiding in no nasty CARPET. Other than my new rug.

The signing of our lease was timed almost perfectly. I had a 3 day weekend to settle in (read: put my bed together because that's all that really matters) and we are still slowly unpacking. We are living amongst boxes and trying to figure out where all my clothes will go, but we have an ocean view out our livingroom window and a park/palm trees out our bedroom window so it kind of evens out.

My favorite prank is when you’re moving a bunch of boxes around and you try to pick one up like it’s real heavy and you act very, very frustrated and you ask if the other person can pick it up for you and the other person is being so smug about how they think you think that they are stronger than you and SURPRISE it is holding practically nothing and it flies through the air and they call you an asshole.

So I did that all weekend.

Monday I was bored as hell because NO INTERNET, so I did boring lady things like grocery shop and sit around staring at the ocean until my man came home to ask me what I'd done all day and I acted exhausted. Tuesday and Wednesday I worked 12 hour days and today when I got to work, I dry heaved at my desk and then ran to the bathroom to puke so my boss sent me home. I pulled over twice to puke and only puked zero times, then I had some organic Easy Mac cos that's my lifestyle now.

Settling in. Need to find all my clothes. I left my box of shoes at my parents' house. And my entire dresser. But Brad and I managed to get my headboard all the way upstairs AND install it all by ourselves with only 1 trip to Lowes on a Sunday like the boring white people we are.

Internet, I love you.