I've hit Level 10 Anxiety.

Job interview went well. The people I met with told me that they would submit their candidate choices to the president of the department, and another interview would take place. But they need someone soon. Waiting by the phone has been truly driving me insane. Last night I had a dream that I verbally murdered Brad's brother's girlfriend (who I totally hate) and it felt SO GOOD. For some reason we might have to see her this weekend, which makes me even angrier, and I can't muster up the energy to make that fucking drive one more time. I have a barre class this morning that I don't even want to go to. I bought my dad's Christmas present with money I don't even have, and then tried helping my mom buy something on Etsy and totally failed at it for some reason. She's mad at me. Etsy is mad at me. My bank is mad at me. And I need my phone to ring, so I can make money, and pay for that Christmas present.

Thankfully a Level 10 Anxiety pairs perfectly with a Level 10 Not Giving A Fuck and if I have to see my boyfriend's brother's girlfriend this weekend, I will fucking snap.