I'm declaring it: worst week in a long time.

I knew it would happen. I waited and waited to be hit with something. I thought my car getting egged in the middle of the day during a Fall heatwave was it. "Whew!" I thought. "That wasn't so bad!" I thought.

Yesterday on my weekly commute to Brad's, somebody with the next model up of my car was weaving in and out of traffic. Driving like a maniac. It was Friday so I figured, whatever. Until I saw the cop on the side of the road. I kept driving, thinking there was certainly no way a law enforcement officer would make the mistake of giving a speeding ticket to the wrong person. Certainly, the people who are trained to protect and serve our communities wouldn't have a professional discrepancy like that. The people who should be patrolling neighborhoods for actual mid-day crime, like car egging for example!, wouldn't give a speeding ticket to the wrong person.

Seriously, cops? On the Going To Hell scale of Hitler's Former Employees to Law Enforcement, how into life ruining are you?

PS: I was unknowingly getting my period all over myself during this event. Three days early.