I know I don’t look psyched, but I am. About this candle. It was on sale for three dollars at the grocery store and I cleaned my room kinda today and went to another barre class and I felt like I needed to seal that deal with a scented candle. “You know how I do.” (casually working on bringing that back.)

It’s a twofer. It's half a pumpkin pie candle, and half a ramekin. To me, this candle smells faintly of nature bros, but in a good way. Don’t get excited, I’m not closing my eyes and pretending I'm still in college or anything. Jesus! If I was, I would have the sense to be secretly shamed by such a thing and I’d choose not to write about the candle at all in fear that I’d be transparent about my crippling realization that living on Earth is temporary and pointless (I’m kidding. But I think I actually might be done interacting with people for reasons other than for like, snacks and stuff.) I’m just more attracted to man smells. I used to wear men’s cologne (Burberry Touch, LOL) and OMG, secret? I looooooovvveeee Old Spice High Endurance deodorant for dayyyss. It’s the frat boy in me. We all got a little frat boy in us. ;) ;) ;)