I rarely open iTunes anymore because I listen to exactly three records and think my library of thousands and thousands of songs doesn't do it for me anymore. But I did this morning and saw all my old Cardigans records and DAMN. DAAAAMN.

So here’s the deal with me and The Cardigans: They're mad important to me. Sorry! Sorry if that “speaks to the kind of person I am” (a loser with a lot of feelings), but the girl’s got dem lyrics that set my soul on FIRE. How many break-ups have been mourned and then celebrated to the sounds of this record? Enough to make me feel like a fucking slut, that’s for damn sure. An overly emotional slut.

 “I'm a pit bull, you're a dog / baby you're foul in clear conditions, but you're handsome in the fog.”

DAMN, RIGHT?! Fuck! How do poets keep themselves in business with a powerful ass bitch like Nina Persson schoolin’ ‘em all? Must be really hard to be a poet.