Not surprising to any of my regular readers, but I hid from the Internet again. I think it's a chemical imbalance caused by my body no longer really loving the birth control I've been using for ten years. I'm scared to go off of it because of what happened the two times I did in the past (hint: no pregnancies were involved, I know what you're thinking) and my prescription is up next month and I have NO FREE TIME IN OCTOBER.


I am going to continue hiding a bit from social media because hash tag I cannot right now.

I will resort to bullet lists for the important stuff:

  • I am up for a life-changing job
  • I've added a second barre studio to my regimen so that I am not driving 100 miles round trip several times a week to get fit
  • I am on my second Invisalign tray and I have a headache from it
  • Invisalign is disgusting. So gross. No matter how many times I brush my tray it is so GRUNGY after only two weeks. Thankfully you get a new one every two weeks but YUCK. I compared the two today and immediately threw up all over my clothes, self, bathroom, house, etc.
  • Just kidding probably
  • Pumpkins. More pumpkins. Bitches love pumpkins.