my one lucky day of the year

Monday, September 22, 2014

I spent my weekend cursing my own life for trying to upgrade to iOS 8, crashing my phone completely, being phone-less in the Entertainment Industry for a day, begging for mercy, and buying a new iPhone 6 at a disgustingly discounted price, trading my non-functioning and completely water-damaged iPhone 4s for $200 off. The phone that I have had for nearly three years that needs to be recharged every few hours because the battery is basically Hector Salamanca. The phone that I dropped into a full bath tub nine months ago. The phone that Brad tried putting in his coat jacket and accidentally JUST TOTALLY DROPPED ON THE FLOOR... TWICE. Was worth TWO. HUNDRED. DOLLARS. Towards a BRAND NEW iPHONE 6. THREE DAYS AFTER ITS RELEASE. THE NEW PHONE THAT IS SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE. They had ONE in the size and color I wanted. ONE.

I have been waiting for a bus to hit me all day because there is no way things are ever that easy.

TL; DR: I walked out of a phone store three days after a major iPhone release with a 64 gig gold iPhone 6 for barely more than $200.