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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Maybe I should blame people like the Kardashians for everyone's focus on becoming famous for nothing.

I was thinking last night, though, that if any of the Kardashians died, I would probably cry, but I certainly am not going to even be the least bit emotional over this new wedding deal I just watched.

I feel bad for Kim, and not because she's on her third husband. I feel bad for Kim because I believe this marriage was supposed to be real. I believe that she thought she was in love with all three of them. I believe that she thought the 10 million dollar wedding was worth it that one time.

I think (and it’s kind of disgusting that I have even analyzed the Kim franchise to this extent) that Kim has become so involved with creating a public persona that she is totally lost. She’s not a human being anymore. She is a flawless brand that exists solely because it suggests a sort beauty we’re meant to believe is achievable by all, yet truly is to so very few of us.

I think that's true of most brands you see online, that you try and emulate, that you want to become, that you dream of being. None of this is real in any true dimension other than online. When I put my hair up in a massively awesome braid and take a picture of it for you guys to see? That moment was fleeting. My hair probably blew down within two hours. My breakfasts get eaten. My coffee gets consumed, quickly. My shoes sometimes hurt my feet. When I'm off work, I take my pants off, pull my hair up, and look like a slob. Some days I consider it a success just getting out of my bed and eating cold leftovers from the fridge. We all have boogers in our noses. I need you guys to know this. Nobody has a perfect life.

It’s just something that happens when you put shit out there; like-minded people end up finding you. I think most of us are built to connect, to empathize, and blogging is a fantastic way to make short, sweet, semi-superfluous connections. Though I do think it’s important to remember that the positive response anyone gets from the Internet is not a substitute for praise or acclaim you should strive to receive away from the laptop.