Amid my crazy work schedule, my recent onset of depression, my inability to sleep later than 4:00 AM, and spending entire holiday weekends hiding on a couch, I've mostly forgotten about my upcoming 28th birthday.

The problem with my very amazing relationship is that his birthday is exactly two weeks after mine. Being a staunch Virgo, this means I spend the month leading up to my own birthday planning things for his birthday. It's a big old mess and something to seriously consider when I decide to get wifed up by this fool. Do you, Karin, take this man to overshadow your own birthday as long as you shall live?

Great news, though. My birthday is Tuesday and yesterday I was told that my birthday week begins TODAY. And will last for AN ENTIRE WEEK. We're celebrating by house hunting and eating eggs.

Anyway. Happy almost birthday to me! I'm getting a beach house maybe!

(Are you guys proud that I brought my laptop with me this weekend? Are you fucking loving it?)