Work picked up last week in a major way. I was struggling to keep my eyes open by Friday, but still got my ass to my Barre class where I made my teacher cry.

The studio I attend has four instructors. I've only taken classes from two of them, and one of them only once. The second teacher is easily my favorite. I like her general vibe, and she has an undercut with a long side ponytail, and calls us "beautiful dancers" every few seconds. I was putting my hand weights back in the basket after class, and after giving a quick "thanks!" I stopped in my tracks and said, "you know, you're definitely my favorite teacher here."

She did a double take and said "WHAT?"

I wasn't sure if she honestly didn't hear me, so I said "Everyone here is really great, but I definitely prefer your classes. I've been working my schedule around and driving in from Valencia sometimes so that I get a spot in yours."

She covered her mouth, teared up, and said "Nobody has ever said anything that nice to me before." And gave me a huge hug. And thanked me. Thanked me. While CRYING.