Monday, July 21, 2014

This past weekend I got to witness my friend-since-10th-grade's wedding. It was simple, classy, and had a taco bar -- basically everything I believe a wedding should be. The night before, we set up the entire backyard and decorated while making buckets and buckets of sangria. I've been a little alcohol-intolerant since the previous weekend's bachelorette party, after which Brad had to toss me in a shower where I cried for an hour from the drunkenness.

Monica was such a picture-perfect, calm bride. She sipped her champagne while we all sat around and snacked, gradually doing our hair and make up, joked -- everyone was mellow. After arriving at the venue, we walked a block to the photo location, snapped a few photos with the groomsmen (who had apparently been drinking heavily all day), and then we mingled with guests. Monica didn't make some grand entrance or hide like most brides would. We all hung out until we decided to line up and get them married. I loved being part of this day with her.

I don't often like to divulge details about my friends' lives on here, but BRIDES, TAKE NOTE: nobody cares about your day as much as you do, so relax. Be cool. Take your time. Mellow out. Don't kill your bridesmaids or your family. Take it easy. And then get married.