coming back

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I'm emerging from what ended up being an emotionally draining month. I dealt with a lot of stuff on a personal front RE: my job, potential jobs, relationships, health, etc. I lost my desire to put things up on the Internet because I had so many other things swirling in my head. It seems as though the emotional turmoil has mostly ended and I can move forward with the projects that I've needed to launch for a while (my online shop, for one).

But that will come later. I also have a busy month coming up with the holiday weekend, followed by a bachelorette party weekend, followed by a wedding weekend. I'm aiming to get everything online and settled by August, though.

I spent this past weekend hiding in a relationship that never causes me any real turmoil. We slipped away Friday evening up to Cayucos, where we have close friends and just happens to be a quaint beach community, just north of San Luis Obispo. Too many drinks were drank and drunk baby boy had a rough one on Saturday, which limited our vacation almost entirely. We ended up cancelling our dinner reservations and instead ate leftover breakfast in bed while the sun set outside. We did manage to get out for a few walks, though.

I mostly hate Central California. Truly. Passionately. I get horrible vibes there. San Luis Obispo was the stage of some of the most heart wrenching times in my entire life. The coastal communities are juxtaposed with the typical brown Central California hills and it confuses my head. But it's beautiful, and the people who haven't slipped through the sieve are the best of the best.

I guess I'm still trying to figure out what that city is trying to teach me.