The headache crept in slowly, but with plenty of warning. What I initially thought was a minor headache, undoubtedly from grinding my teeth from all this stress, quickly morphed into a full-fledged, nauseating migraine.

I grabbed my bottle of water and chugged.

I waited 30 minutes. And chugged another one.

Surely this is just dehydration! From all the heat! And the weird allergies flying around!

I was at work after watching this stupid puppy all day. It was the worst time for a migraine to show up, especially with this toddler girl having a meltdown over seemingly nothing (is it ever really anything with toddlers?) and still with two hours before I would be off the clock; and working in a household with no available pain medication. But sure enough, I have a migraine.

I did a cat stretch. Then Legs Up the Wall. The toddler cries, because of course she cries. There are lots of things to cry about when you are unable to articulate what exactly you are thinking, feeling, wanting, not wanting, craving, experiencing. I console her, hug her, give her snotty nose some kisses and rock her "like beebee?!" until she starts laughing. Crisis averted. Except I still have a migraine.

I move to the couch. Dulled daylight is too much to look at. I need to close my eyes. And then I hear the magic words "GO PEEPEE?" She's pulling her underwear down and peeing in her training pot. She's very good at this and rarely needs my help anymore. I look up at the ceiling and try focusing on the stucco so that my anxiety will go away. I still have a migraine.

I look back to her to see her pot completely tipped over and poop on the floor.

And I start crying. I can't hold it in anymore. I'm a sobbing, blubbering mess.

She looks up at me, cracks a smile, and laughs.

I cleaned up her pee and poop. And came back to the house with the puppy, who has been (and is currently) barking incessantly directly in my ear.

Believe it or not, I still have a migraine.