puppywatch: day 4

Monday, June 2, 2014

I burst into a fit of ugly crying when Brad collapsed onto the couch, defeated, asking that I never volunteer for this job again. Brad who stays collected and composed all the time, who helps keep me collected and composed part of the time, was losing it.

THIS DOG IS A DAMN TRIP. I am looking forward to going to work today so that I get a 7 hour break from him. He is getting so large that he can jump up onto the bathroom counters in the room where he is confined, and his owners did exactly nothing to prevent him from tearing apart / eating any and everything in sight (which yesterday we found out included POCKET KNIVES).

After a few minutes of silence and staring off into space, Brad glanced up and me and simply said, "I can see why people get divorces after they have kids."

4 days down. 8 to go.