I finally updated my phone's software today after not having enough available space for it before. This required removing all the music and about 1,000 pictures over to my laptop.

There was this Mexican restaurant a few miles up the main street that I lived off of in Nashville that I went to every weekend and sometimes a few times during the week. Like, I wound up stopping in there for a taco plate or a giant margarita or a bag of tortillas or something 3-4 times a week. One of the servers who works there started right when I moved there. I saw her get trained in taking orders and refilling drinks and all that. She took care of me and my friends regularly. Like, one time she didn't charge me for a 45 oz. margarita that’s worth a lot more than a regular margarita and once I was leaving to go to a fancy show and she insisted she clean the lint off my coat with tape.

Today while I was transferring pictures to my laptop, I saw one of us -- her arm wrapped around my shoulder with a genuine smile on her face. I remembered that day immediately -- I went in to get a margarita after work and she noticed my haircut right away. I had cut nearly 7 inches off and dyed the ends hot pink. She’s not like, really awesome at speaking English, so when she made a sad face I was like, “You don’t like my hair?”

And you wanna know what she said? She was like, “No. I like it, but when you move I’m going to cry.”

I was all, “No, I know. I think about that a lot. I’m really going to miss you. I’ve seen you almost everyday for two years. I promise I’ll come back and visit.”

And then we both started crying a lot and we gave each other hugs and then I drove home shamelessly wiping tears off my face and thinking about how sad life feels when you let yourself care about people.