So the girl who used to steal my blog entries and tweets probably didn't know that I had a couple of moles infiltrating her private Instagram to keep a watchful eye on her for the last year or two. They're a couple of nice girls who took it upon themselves to look out for me and let me know if any funny business started happening again. This isn't the only girl who steals things from me, but is definitely the dumbest at it.

One of you let me know that she was now not only stealing my words, but also my pictures; one of which was a picture of my boyfriend's hand holding a beer (which kinda crosses the line? Because that's way too far?)

It’s happened before and I can assume it’s going to happen again. While I thank the few of you who notified me about this and hope that if you do see it again you won’t shy away from informing me, I don’t care this time around. Maybe I’ll care next time around. I certainly cared last time this happened. It’s just depressing that there’s some young chick out there who lacks so much personality that she can’t even caption her own thoughts. That’s so sad. She must have less self confidence than even I do.