I have had this job for seven months, and today is only the second time I've brought my laptop with me.

I attempted bringing my laptop once about four months ago, and couldn't get my wifi to connect to the house wifi which was very irritating because my phone connects to it and I've seen other people over here on their laptops using the wifi and couldn't figure out why my very new laptop couldn't seem to get a grip on its Airport situation for me so that I could do important things* (*browse Pinterest) while the baby girl I nanny is asleep.

Today it magically worked and I gotta say... I'm gonna be wasting LOTS OF TIME during naptime from now on.

I've alluded to the fact that I'm working on some print design work that might potentially be very, very life-changing. I am keeping my spirits high despite drudging through placebo week and tearing up about really insignificant annoying assholes on Facebook, a social platform that I delete every month or so because of the insignificant annoying assholes, and am for the first time in a while (maybe my entire life?) feeling competent enough to kick ass at this. I don't often ask for your good vibes and positive thoughts, but if you're reading this, please keep me in your thought bubbles this week.

Also, I'm going to the DENTIST tomorrow. LOL, right? And it's like... the last thing on my mind.