I chose to hide out this weekend and intentionally did not bring my laptop with me because sometimes I get overwhelmed with emails and other boring Internet things and just need to focus on making out with my boyfriend instead.

Sunday was Brad's mom's birthday. We spent the day driving down the coast in the convertible and had brunch at Duke's in Malibu. I highly recommend Duke's on your birthday because you get a slice of cake that is at least 8 inches high and usually costs $15 or something outrageous like that. And it's delicious. It's like, the best ice cream cake in the world. Plus you get to sit right on the ocean and watch the dolphins act a fool up in the Pacific.

Brad slammed a bunch of beer and we had his dad drive us back to Thousand Oaks via Decker Canyon. I heard horror stories in college about it being the craziest, swirliest ride and was SO EXCITED TO CHEAT DEATH WITH MY DRUNK BOYFRIEND AND HIS DAD.

It was finally under 95 degrees outside by Sunday, so we spent the rest of the day laying in a park and drinking my devastation creation AKA clementine vodka with orange soda. And laughing. I laugh all the time with this guy. He is the cleverest, wittiest, most buckwild spirit I've ever known.