Because a lot of cool "career" (are those still a thing?) things are floating around the cosmos for me, I ran out and bought fabric yesterday. To make a dress.

Earlier in the week, I unpacked my dress form and sewing machine, and subsequently unpacked a lot of latent emotions that I totally meant to keep packed up and never see again. I was reminded of all my failures from a few years ago; the hours I spent tirelessly working; the unsupportive environment I found myself living inside of.

So when I was done sweeping those feelings under the rug AKA shutting down and watching Netflix all day, I started pinning the skirt of a dress.

And I pinned it wrong.

So I re-pinned it. It was too large.

So I stitched it anyway.

And decided to not take the easy way out, and cut the seam out.

So I'm back at square one.

But I have the day off. I've made waffles for my family and done a 30 minute pilates routine. I'm feeling okay. I'm going to attempt re-pinning and stitching the skirt of this dress before I leave for Brad's at lunch time. Things are good. The weekend, man. So low key, so perfect. And the only person I've called a cunt today was a fictional person on television. I’m getting so good at being a nice person!