Sometimes life gets really depressing for no reason. Like, being left alone with your thoughts on a Wednesday for an extended period of time, and they aren’t like, crossword puzzle thoughts, they’re like “What am I going to do to get through the next week?” and “Am I progressing as a person and what things do I need to do to make my life a little bit easier?” Deep shit, ya know? The stuff you keep busy all week enough not to let it nag at you, but those few hours where no one needs you to be anywhere and that when you finally get that alone time you’ve been craving all week and it’s impossible to enjoy because you’re so bogged down with your own blown out of proportion thoughts?

I was going to say something about how I feel like it’s all bullshit and you just need to get over it and stop being such a baby because things are going to be a little rough again all of a sudden and it happens to everyone… but then I realized that I can’t take my own advice and that it wouldn’t be fair to act like that’s an easy thing to do. Sometimes you just get sad. The important thing to remember is that your momentary sadness is not a reflection of your overall life. Wednesday Blues are just your mind’s way of making sure you remember that your A-Game is important and that you need to bring it the next day. You gotta get low in order to get high, have a reason to fight, not just a will, but a purpose to get out of bed every morning and try and do as much good as you can in a day. I figure that if I didn’t pressure myself to have a successful week every week by kinda bullying myself on Sunday night, I’d just coast through life doing medium-OK work.

I guess it’s just who I am and how I work. I don’t know if it’s normal or if my rationalization is just a hopeful eye roll at what could be a cut and dry issue (for example, what if I have a brain tumor that’s blocking my ability to create seratonin?), but who knows? I could be on to something.

When I feel like shit, it’s reflected in the tone of everything I do, and who needs that in this economy, right guys!?! Am I right!?!?