this weird thing about LA

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Okay, so sometimes you find yourself in social situations with a bunch of people and then someone says something like “It’s not like I’m a skank like Tara Reid!” and then one of the other people in the group is like, “Hey, I’m actually really good friends with Tara. She’s a cool chick.”

And then you have to sit there with the person who dissed the lame celebrity and the lame celebrity’s friend and you’re definitely trying to sort out what the heck just happened in your head. Like, how did we get on the topic of Tara Reid? And how does this person know Tara Reid? And how is that person who’s friends with Tara Reid know me? And is it really possible that Tara Reid is a cooler chick than she is an example of a complete fucking mess? And like, what does Tara Reid talk about with this person?

That’s what’s sometimes weird about LA. Because you can shit talk about pretty much anyone in most towns, but here you really can’t.