I met up with my friend Janine today and it was MAD REFRESHING. I don't hang out with people ever because something about my Instagram / social media always comes up and they make fun of me and I leave filled with anxiety and self-hatred. But Janine is like 8 billion times more popular than I am and understands the painful "are you gonna Instagram that?" questions, and she grew up a half hour away from where I grew up which is WAY NUTS because now she lives in Rhode Island. WHUUUT?

Anyway, on my way back to my car in the back alley, I saw a flyer for a 420 show in the valley. I'm pretty 420-friendly, am super okay with recreational marijuana usage (although I don't participate anymore), and think these types of festivals can be great. I looked into the bands playing and QUICKLY gave up after clicking through half of them. I got through a hipstery "HEY!" band (you know what I'm talking about, lots of stomps and "HEY!"s and fast strums) and some hispanic rapper who drops the N-word a lot. The rest appeared to be awful, dreadlocked white people who list the following under the musical influences sections on their linked ReverbNation accounts: “Life, Love, Sex, Drugs and Death,” “MOSTLY OLD SHIT!!!!!!!!!”, and a Rage Against the Machine cover band called Age Against the Machine who, interestingly enough, does not list Rage Against the Machine as an influence, but rather a picture of a little boy giving the middle finger.

Where is the folk music? Where are the easy guitar players, the blues bands, the smooth reggae, the musicians who list classic rock as their musical influences on their ReverbNation accounts? Are we really pushing forward the issue of legalized, recreational marijuana by subjecting others to musicians who have probably attended one or more Insane Clown Posse concerts? Do we really think that will work?

The biggest mistake in forwarding the legalization of marijuana movement is allowing ignorant, uneducated potheads to participate.