Excerpts from my LiveJournal

Monday, April 7, 2014

The only advantages about going to class at the end of the afternoonday, during a fucking breakup, was the return of the guy in my class that is so fucking hot, so unbearably bangable, that I just can’t imagine he leaves his house without some sort of anti-vagina forcefield cape he has draped over his entire body, because I suspect free-range vaginas of all sorts find him, hunt him down, then attack.
The first time I saw him, I opened my eyes wide and immediately became physically exhausted. That is how incredibly good-looking this guy is.

Bright blue eyes, super milky skin, the physique of a 90s model who used to be addicted to various needle drugs, but has since cleaned up.

And today, ladies and gentlemen?

Today we sat by each other in class. Intentionally. We both went into the idea of going to class and sitting by each other. And talking. Because he asked me to hang out with him on MySpace. He told me he would say hi to me today in person.

I don’t remember a thing we talked about. I don’t remember saying anything. I don’t remember anything except his striped sweater and his really nice teeth.

This dude has this forcefield of unattainable bangability surrounding him. He was very nice and unattainably bangable and just very... wait, I’m sorry, I can’t continue this description of my encounter with Hot Art Class Guy because it’s like… you know how when something traumatic happens people might block it out during therapy sessions or something? (“What do you see?” “I don’t know… it’s so foggy…”) well whenever I think about speaking to HACG all I see are teeth and eyes, but like… sexy teeth and eyes. His eyes were too blue. 

I hope I never see him again.
- when Karin met Brad, 2005