Are you guys ready for the Blood Moon / End of the World tonight?

April is supposed to kill us. Did you know that? Tonight's eclipse is the first of four that are meant to totally ruin your lives.

Brad and I had a weird fight this weekend. Not like, a real fight. He said something the wrong way and I chose to fight off his "COME NEAR ME, I LOVE YOU FOREVER, YOU'RE MY BABY FACEHEAD, BE MY BABY, COME LAY ON ME" for almost a full 12 hours. Until I couldn't anymore, of course... which I guess is sort of like being emotionally raped, and I don't feel like explaining that part, but I will anyway: My boyfriend is my emotional rapist because he is constantly fawning over me and loving me wholly and making me laugh when I'm mad and forcing me to witness his absolute affection, when really I don't want the attention or the love and want to be alone forever... except instead of ruining my emotional being, it kind of makes it better. Which wouldn't constitute rape at all, so.

Let's forget the rape thing.

I've said it before and I'll say it again right now: everything in your life can be blamed on the gravitational pull and influence of planets, and they're gonna bend you over ALL DAY EVERYDAY, until 2 AM tomorrow. In an ambiguously-rapey way.