My stress levels have gone up quite a bit recently, which explains why I have been absent from my usual Internet Dot Comming. I haven't worked all week, which I am trying to see as a bit of a blessing because of how damn tired I am, but also worried about my health care situation being resolved, upcoming taxes owed (still waiting on a last-minute 1099 from someone who said they would not be 1099'ing me, which actually knocks me into another income bracket, which affects my health care situation), my credit card bill (which I can't even remember if I paid this month), and to top it off, I decided I would get my hair done today because it's been 2 months and someone dared to make a comment about how much they loved my "red" hair the other day.

So imagine my surprise when PMS week came and went without a single tear having fallen! Of course, as soon as I thought it, I suddenly realized that every period is just THE MISCARRIAGE OF MY UNFERTILIZED CHILD. Egg. Whatever. The point is, I stood around with the suggestion of possible pinpricks of tears in my eyes, alternatively thinking THIS IS RIDICULOUS and I COULD’VE NAMED HER LILLIAN, WE WOULD’VE HAD A LOT OF FUN WITH PLAY DOH.

And then I remembered, I took my last pill yesterday and oh yeah, yup, all this stress is PMS.