Hey guys, I just got stressed out while driving to the drug store because I imagined what my life would be like if I chose a different path and was somehow a doctor. I guess to be a doctor at 27 would mean that the different path I chose was a Doogier path than most. I was sitting there, in complete breathe-in-breathe-out stress imagining what it would be like to wake up everyday knowing you will most likely fail at saving a human life sometime in the very near future.

Then I spaced out and got into an argument with a store clerk who doesn’t really exist. My winning argument piece was a cold stare accompanied by a long bout of silence before I asked her if she was molested as a child, because there’s no other reason for her to be such a bitch.

So anyway, feel free to use that. Feel free to use that with the fake argument I got in a daydream even though I could be daydreaming about banging Jude Law or having a bunch of puppies lick of my face or having a bunch of Jude Laws lick my face or banging a bunch of pu—wait, nevermind.