Ugh. I already, like, cannot.

I hit a road block with my taxes because I get to deduct my car registration fees and I have no idea how much that was. So I decided to go order Brad's gift, but I can't yet. So I went to work out, but hated it halfway through. So I made a pot of coffee and forgot about it so it's cold. So now I'm about to make a protein shake and pay my car insurance, but I hate using the phone.

So I wrote a screenplay for this piece I'm working on called Urination in the Urine Nation. This is the name of the next movie I will never write. I have not written at least a dozen movies and all of them have been excellent. Read the reviews:

"[A]ll have been excellent." - Karin

Urine Nation is the name of a movie about how we all come to our senses and realize that old people suck. They urinate all over the place because they are incontinent and then we decide to banish them to their own country, sort of like criminals and Wyoming / Idaho / Australia.

Then something happens. Zombies are probably involved. Their flag is just a giant cloth crossword puzzle that is half done.

All right, fine. I'll go pay my car insurance.