I'm so worn down with the stress of getting everything done by tomorrow that I decided to make matters worse and only eat raw food this week. I sat in my car with 6 spare minutes before work yesterday, time normally reserved for a quick Car Cry™,  when I found myself munching on raw chocolate granola kale chips and decided... this might be worse.

Honestly the chips were good, definitely better than the dehydrated lentil chips that I could only eat with a heaping dollop of hummus, but not nearly as good as the "sour cream" and onion raw zucchini chips that honestly tasted like potatoes, or the jalapeno tomato chips that I must have eaten entirely because all I can find is the empty bag.

Before you start thinking I have the willpower of a saint, I'm probably going to go eat at least three meatballs directly from the refrigerator right now.

My diet fascinates you.