I went to Las Vegas. I stayed in a High Roller villa. I ate a $100 steak and had my own fully stocked bar. I had on-call limo service that I didn't need because why would I leave?

This was our jet. We sat backwards and ate pistachios. Brad chugged two beers.

This limo was my ride when I got to McCarran.

These were our outfits for drinking specialty cocktails and eating mochi.

A very, very, very small portion of our very, very, very huge villa. These villas have their own private check-in areas and casino access, as well as doormen, butlers, and 24/7 on call ANYTHING.

The drinks we slammed an hour before flying back to LA, while at our private Superbowl party.

The limo ride back to the airport, presumably, after aforementioned drinks were dranken.

Thanks for not murdering me, Internet.