I think one of the most indescribable feelings in the world is having a very young child love you, imitate you, find you worthy of their time.

I love working with kids. Childhood is the only honest time in our entire lives. There are no social graces or rules or emotional censorships. Yesterday I scooped up the girl I watch and danced her around the room, our right hands clasped and out straight as we strutted to one side of the kitchen, and then switched to the left when we pranced to the other. After I put her down, she continued to do this by herself, mimicking the goofy voice I was making and singing the song I made up about "dancing is romancing and you are my best fwwwiiieeeend!" And that… I don’t know, man. Kids this young only like things that are awesome. Adults don't know shit when it comes to liking awesome things. Adults will be your friend and put up with bullshit because often a friendship is a quid pro quo sort of deal. It’s hard to find truth and honesty and true love in friendships at our age.

But babies, dude? Babies are only your friend if you’re worthwhile. If you treat this baby like shit, she will let you know. Yesterday I didn’t let her eat a third gummy vitamin and she pinched me while menacingly looking into my eyes. Never has a friend physically inflicted pain upon me when I did something they didn’t like.

Toddlers don’t act like no bitches.