I think I’ve been primarily blogging in my blog Word doc lately because I’ve had a lot of nervous writing energy for a month or two. I’ve hit a huge writer’s block (I swear to f'ing god, I just wrote “hitten” like it was the past tense of "hit." Jesus Christ.), which rly sucks.

I think it’s like when I start to nervous talk. I’m actually kind of shy, but when you first meet me I will not shut up. Inside my head I’m saying, “Oh my god, Karin, why are you talking about napkins, stop talking about napkins, oh my fucking Christ how have you honestly been talking about napkins for 6 minutes. Everyone is bored. Oh my god,” BUT DOES THAT STOP ME FROM TALKING ABOUT NAPKINS AND LAUGHING AT MY OWN NAPKIN JOKES THAT AREN’T EVEN JOKES, THEY’RE JUST REGULAR SENTENCES SAID IN A JOKE-ISH WAY? NO.

I started this entry under the pretense of letting you know I was going to make brownies for breakfast, but my boss texted me asking if I could come in two hours early so it's a race against the clock, Internet. My will for breakfast brownies may or may not trump my will to get to work on time so that my boss can attend her very important meeting in LA. BROWNIES OR MONEY, KARIN? BROWNIES. OR. MONEY.